Excursions > Boat Trips Kekova

Excursions > Boat Trips Kekova

For our guests we can arrange boat trips to kekova, th island famous for its underwater city, where the Lycians, Romans and Ottomans all lived at different eras, a place once visited by many pirates.
A normal trip lasts for two hours.
One hour visiting the ruins of Theimussa, Kale koy, Simena and Kekova, the underwater city and one hour swimming, snorkeling or Just Sunbathing on theboat at Tersane Bay.

If you have time you can also take day trips to visit the other, many many bays reachable only by boat, you can also have lunch provided for you or you can take your own picnic.


Kekova is the name of a region of fascinating islands, bays and ancient cities. Kekova has a rarely seen attraction, a long the shore of the Island a sunken city is observed. The geological movements of the Island... read

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Kalekoy (literally "Castles village" in Turkish; ancient Lycian: Simena), is a village of the Demre district in the Antalya Province of Turkey, located between Kas and Demre, on the Mediterranean coast. Kalekoy faces the island of Kekova...read